What is USPA?

The US Professionals Association offers an opportunity for all those in the US connected market to discuss – in convivial and sociable surroundings – the issues of the day that most affect their clients.


Membership is open to all those advising US expatriates, it is not limited to any single discipline or by size or type of firm, the only requirement is that you are a professional adviser.

Meetings comprise an informal, open discussion with added social value, creating a relaxed and familiar environment.

Dates are fixed for the 12 months ahead, so you know exactly what’s happening. Events will start at 6pm, with a structured panel discussion starting at 6.30. At around 7.30 the meeting will break so we can continue proceedings more informally. The aim of the panel discussion is to promote an understanding of the issues facing US expatriates from as broad a range of professional perspectives as may be relevant. Suggestions for discussion topics are always welcome from any members.

The group and its activities are administered by DJH International Tax Ltd., incorporated in England and Wales. The "US Professionals Association" is a brand within the company and has no separate legal entity.