Terms and conditions

The following paragraphs set out the conditions under which the US Professionals Association operates, as at 1 July 2016.


The US Professionals Association (USPA)  is a business club owned and managed by DJH International Tax Ltd. As such it is a commercial enterprise and expects to make a trading profit.


Its primary purpose is to provide learning and networking opportunities for its members, whose eligibility to join is determined by their provision of professional financial and legal advice (in a variety of forms) to US expatriate individuals and families.


Membership fees will be due annually, on 1 April or 1 October, closest to the original date of joining the Association. All membership fees will be applied to the running of the quarterly meetings and other events, website maintenance, marketing and administrative costs.


Payment of an annual membership fee gives the payer the right to attend meetings and participate in other USPA events but does not confer any rights over the manner in which the group is organised or advised.


Only members with a current, valid membership are entitled to attend meetings. A number of guest places at each meeting will usually be available to prospective new members, at the discretion of the group manager. Prospective members will be permitted to attend one meeting only as a non-member.


In order to provide best and appropriate benefits to members, the director(s) of DJH International Tax Ltd may from time to time consult members regarding topics to be discussed and the general conduct of meetings. A chairman may be appointed to guide the proceedings of meetings but this position is voluntary and no remuneration is sought or paid.


DJH International Tax Ltd is a UK limited company (registration number 09145461)