Join the US Professionals Association

For all professionals in the US connected market

Welcome to US Professionals Association. We're delighted that you've found us! Use this site to discover more about us and how you can join.

“The only group I know of where you can just show up and know that everyone you want to network with will be in the same place.” 

The US Professionals Association offers an opportunity for all those in the US connected market to discuss – in convivial and sociable surroundings – the issues of the day that most affect their clients. We have meetings in London, UK, Toronto, Canada, Hong Kong and a new branch in Vancouver launched in January 2017. 

Why is it different?

Membership is open to all those advising US expatriates, it is not limited to any single discipline or by size or type of firm, the only requirement is that you are a professional adviser.

How do the meetings work?

Meetings comprise an informal, open discussion with added social value, creating a relaxed and familiar environment. We aim for interest, networking - and fun.


How can I get involved?


Join us for a meeting. The next one in each location is in September 2018. There are a limited number of guest places available. Email Deborah if you would like to attend.